Monday, August 13, 2012

Okra Curry

They had some wonderful okra at the farmer's market nearby that I just couldn't resist. (Boy, that can be a fatal flaw at times...not being able to resist what I want!)

I love fried okra, like all good Christians do, and I thought about it, believe me...but I'm not making a lot of fried food these days and I tried this recipe for okra from Simply in Season ("A World Community Cookbook," that offers recipes to try according to the produce in season! ).  It turned out well for me and makes an easy side or veggie main.

Okra Curry

1/2 cup onion (sliced)
1/4 teaspoon garlic (minced)
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground tumeric
1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • In a fry pan saute onion in 2 tablespoons oil until golden.  Add ginger, garlic, and spices and saute for a few minutes.
1 pound okra (cleaned and trimmed)
1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Add and cook a few minutes.
1 cup tomatoes (sliced)
  • Add and fry for a few minutes until liquids evaporate. Then serve hot and enjoy!

see the pan just after I've added the tomatoes?

April's notes:
 I like to improvise using what I have on hand and in this used grape tomatoes. They were pretty sweet, but may have helped the caramelization process.  I also used fresh garlic rather than dried, but either should work.  I do like that toasty taste, so the finished product below may appear a little done to you (and feel free to cook less), but it was yummy! Because it's called "curry" you might be thinking of Indian flavors and there is some of that in the dish, and the timing of the spice addition reminds one of tadka, but for me the chili powder threw it out of the distinctly Indian realm (though that is extremely diverse I admit) and into a fusion category.

So there you have it, an okra option for you not-so-good Christians out there. ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Queen Vic's

I NEED tell you all about this place I tried for happy hour last night!  It's called The Queen Vic Pub and Kitchen on the north side of Richmond just west of the Kirby intersection here in Houston.  I've been wanting to check it out and my partner-in-crime friend, Vicky, came with me and we salivated over the menu of Indian/Gastropub options.  Lovely European decor and cozy (think a more intimate Feast, perhaps!) and a good place for getting together for an evening of relaxing after work or playing catch-up with a friend or two.

Our happy hour choices:
vegetable samosas
mini-burgers with chutney
saag pizza
bottle of house wine for $20

No regrets. In fact I've been thinking about that delicious pizza all day and wondering how they pulled it off (I don't even love pizza!).  This would also be a great way to introduce a person to Indian flavors who might otherwise be leery (Hello, brother John), though this is not a problem for Vicky or myself.  In fact, being a WhIndian, she's quite the experienced eater-of-Indian-food (north-west Indian, I believe) and approved of the culinary inventions.

I'll be working on the best way to do my posts, and try to incorporate a lot of photos, but last night I didn't take any because I didn't know I'd be doing this blog today!

but here's a shot of vicky...working....

and here's a shot of me with two of my besties...also working of course...


Gosh, I'm finally participating in this great blog experiment!  I've often wanted to start, and as often (minus one!) put it off to a later day.  Thanks, sis, for your encouragement to start and fabulous example!